Electronic signature, with ease and compliance

Universign, a service provider qualified under the European eIDAS regulations, offers a SaaS platform for electronic signature, electronic stamp and time stamping.

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Universign has the "Council" label WaysUp has created this label for which the partner is committed to:

  • Have the levels of labelling necessary to carry out your activity
  • Take charge of the entire project and be fully responsible for it
  • Offer an offer in line with WaysUp’s solutions
  • Provide relevant pricing positioning
  • Have at least two recognized references


  • Qualified eIDAS
  • Compliance with regulations

Simplicity and compliance

  • Signature with probative value
  • Use on multiple media (PC, Mac, Mobile)

Connecting with your ERP Sage

  • Using Universign in Sage 100cloud Commecial Management
  • Reduces the time of the signing process

Reducing administrative management costs

  • Optimizing the costs of signing documents


Essential module for electronic signature on Sage 100cloud Business Management

It facilitates the process of sending and receiving quotes using only the Sage 100cloud interface

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The electronic signature:

Universign is the SaaS platform for electronic signature, electronic stamping and time stamping services.

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