Our expertise

An operating methodology tailored to the needs of businesses

Our methodology is based on extensive experience in the implementation of software packages. It allows the client to maintain control of his project and to take ownership of the software through a transfer of skills.

This method takes into account the recommendations of our publisher partners. However, it is flexible and adaptable to the context of each company

Project management

The project manager conducts the analysis, plans and supervises the consultants’ mission.

As part of the project, he works in addition to consultants, in particular to manage
project progress against forecast schedule.

If necessary, it makes the necessary adjustments in terms of planning in collaboration with the client. According to the requests, he produces settings and procedures.


The consultant performs the setting, installation and training of users. It intervenes under the direction of a project manager, according to the defined schedule. After each intervention, he writes a report, which allows him to produce a synthesis

The Support Consultant assists clients in the day-to-day use of their information system.

These interventions are carried out by telephone or telemaintenance.

Commercial and Marketing

Commercial service: integration of services around SAGE software packages.
The commercial service remains the entry point for each customer. He coordinates the implementation of customer requests with the consulting department.

Customer service and marketing: it is made up of sedentary customer advisors who are responsible for disseminating commercial and technical information. They regularly take stock with our customers to inform them of possible changes in their solution.

Our expertise

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