Who are we?

WAYSOFT responds to these needs efficiently and professionally in terms of:

Our success is based on the satisfaction of our customers and our ability to support them in their evolution by offering them the best of technologies.

Responsiveness, Proximity, Quality, Duration

These values guarantee our customers a high level of service, in terms of support in driving change, as well as in the daily use of solutions.

Our Trades

Our offer is based on a perfect mastery of the following professions: consulting and training, development.

For these five trades, WAYSOFT has built up extensive teams of experts from Sage-certified consultants.

Responsiveness: Our job is made up of the unexpected and the imponderables. WAYSOFT’s methodologies must anticipate them as often as possible, and our responsiveness allows us to manage emergency situations without delay.

Proximity: In addition to geographical proximity, WAYSOFT develops a strong relationship with its customers.
To do this, WAYSOFT has put in place a variety of actions and tools

Our Trades

Quality: Through a standard-meeting approach, WAYSOFT continuously improves its practices in order to achieve the best level of quality perceived by its customers.

Duration: WAYSOFT’s success is based on long-term, mutually beneficial and free relationships with its customers.

This constant concern for the sustainability of the relationship is the best guarantee of good practice in the relationship between WAYSOFT and its customers.

The high customer loyalty rate attests to the reality of these long-term partnerships.

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