Sage Paie

Sage software, highly representative in the market, ensures legal compliance and performance.

You establish reliable and compliant pay slips and declarations, you are carrying out the Nominal Social Declaration today and you are incest or strengthening the management of your human capital with essential HR bricks (Interviews, Training, Career and Skills).

Doing or having sage do, payroll management must be tailored to your needs:

  • Complete internalisation,
  • paid accompanied,
  • outsourcing to experts to refocus on your business.

Sage One Paie allows you to simply make your pay slips with a 24/7 online application from anywhere, with no software or update to install.

Number of employees: 1 to 50

Version: Online

Make your payroll and social declarations from any mobile or fixed medium.

Number of employees: 50 to 300

Version: Online

From making newsletters and daily analysis of your payroll data, to managing careers and skills, training and time management, you have a 360-degree view of your job.

Number of employees: 50 to 500

Version: Local installation

What modus operandi to manage your pay?

Regardless of the size of your company, from the moment you have employees, you have to pay them and pay the expenses to the various social organizations (Urssaf, pension, old age, illness…). However, these legal obligations have been undergoing many (re)changes in recent years. Today, it is impossible to make your pay check in an Excel file or on paper. Digitalization has become the norm, and the fast pace of the new provisions of the Labour Code (one every three days on average) seriously complicates the situation, whether one is a TPE, a Small Business/PMI, an ETI or an international group.

There are a number of solutions

“The business manager has several ways of managing his pay,” explains Christian Litaudon, Marketing Director of Sage Paie and HR offers. And we realize, with experience, that there is not a better modus operandi than the others. The choice is often made according to the life cycles of the structure and parameters such as the HR sensitivity of the manager, the size of the company, the costs of running the payroll… And as these factors change over time, the choice of modus operandi changes in the same way.

Do or do do?

“However, there is a fundamental trend,” says Litaudon. Small businesses very often outsource payroll management. With little administrative obligation in his core business, the manager turned to his accountant, of which Sage is also a supplier, at 99.9. Then the company grows, equips himself with payroll software with a person in charge of operating it. As for large groups, they prefer to set up their own shared service centre or outsource, to international providers, in order to manage the pay of their employees scattered around the world. Outsourcing or internalizing are therefore the two solutions traditionally used. However, a third, more innovative and more in tune with new uses exists, and it is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and SMEs/PMIs with 1 to 50 employees.

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