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A private space for SMEs and their applications

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Have your dedicated and secure IT platform

Every need of its formula

WaysUp Online offers an offer aimed at the company’s technological needs while respecting its budget. From €69 to €158 per month per user, from making a server available to running the server, WaysUp Online is the most suitable solution for hosting your Sage solution.




A server made available with the operating system and user licenses (excluding installation services)
  • 20 GB per user
  • VLAN and Firewall pooled
  • backup of the server
  • Making the server operating system available
  • Replication of servers




A virtual server with a pre-installed operating system and setting up access to users
  • installation of the operating system
  • User setting for server access




With the global offer, add management applications to your hosting while respecting the recommendations
  • installing wise applications
  • Installing the SQL database
  • Installing messaging, office, anti-spam, security, etc.
  • Making the server operating system available



Have a remote server with all preventive and curative services
  • File restoration or backup
  • Level 2 support (intervention on the preventive and curative server)



An offer that integrates all services and a Box allowing total autonomy
  • WaysUp Box included (case that replaces the PC and allows you to make the VPN link with the cloud and secure the local network (exchange the case if malfunction)

Mastering your costs

An attractive monthly cost in view of the tranquility of the service: sharp reduction in machine cost and no hidden costs, user price, obsolescence infrastructure, rent is accounted for in charge and not in investment.


UhP (Ultra High Performance) technology and solid and proven (24 months research and development). It also specializes in Sage applications to process a large amount of data.


With its two data centres in France, Burst benefits from European data protection legislation. Your cloud environment benefits from the latest technologies against piracy, cryptololackage, ...


From €69 per user per month, the elasticity of the platform adapts to the number of positions and the power required. New technologies are also always available at no extra cost (operating system, security software, exchange license, etc.)


The solution can be deployed in a matter of hours in your custom environment. The configuration adapts to activity streams: number of posts, data storage, etc. Reversibility 100: The data set can be returned at any time


Access your data anywhere anytime and from any connected device, we can add apps that allow you to work with mobility: Dashboards and Document Management

Get rid of a physical server, expensive and cumbersome to administer

Get rid of a physical server, expensive and cumbersome to administer

Get a private Ultra High Performance cloud for sMEs and their easy-to-implement business applications.

The Waysoft Online solution provides a dedicated space for your Sage management applications accessible on multiple media (PC, Mac, tablets, mobiles, etc.). Easy to implement, it offers you the opportunity to benefit from high processing performance.

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