Sage 50cloud

The new Sage solutions for creators and TPE

Known for their ease of use, Ciel solutions become Sage 50cloud Ciel!
Now you manage your business in real time wherever you are with
a complete billing solution, accounting, cash flow management, order processing, inventory, etc.
And with Microsoft Office 365 you enjoy the best of office technology coupled with the best of business management.

Differences between the Sage 50cloud Essentials ranges - Standard - Premium


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Number of files included2310
Maximum number of files (after subscription of companies in addition)10Unlimited
Multi-user access management with Sky Mobile Data enabledXXX
Policy ManagementXXX
Personalization of editions and imports via an document generatorX X
Spelling Corrector X X X
Automatic insertion (glossary type)XXX
Assisted entry of postcodes and citiesXXX
Billing features
Management estimates, invoices and credit notesXX X
Purchase order management and delivery slipXX
Purchase and Inventory ManagementXX
Agenda, mailings, detailed statisticsXX
Nomenclature composite articlesX
Outstanding amount, ScheduleXX
Customer Relationship ManagementX
Management of simplified customer remindersX
Management of Advanced Customer remindersX
Customization of material records, customer via user fieldsX
Bilingual billingX
Subscription and multi-payment invoicesX
Business managementX X
Sales ManagementXX
Management of commissions in % or amountXX
Commission management with formulaXX
Goal management by representativeXX
Management of multi-level nomenclaturesX
Bank discount management, LCR-BORX X
Multi-deadline payments, LCRX
Transfer and debit to the SEPA \ EBICS standard XX
Discounts per customer, quantity, amount... XX
Management of multi-deposit stocksX
Production managementX
Dashboard, sales reportX XX
Transfer of entries in accountXXX
Transfer to other accounting software (Sage, Ccmx, Cegid, etc...) XX
List of production ordersX
Management of discounts in cumulative incrementsX
Management of discounts by successive installmentsX
Number of levels for subtotals11
Accounting functions
Entering the entries X X X
Lettering of the writings X X X
Pointing, bank reconciliation X X X
Banking link - Bankin' X X X
Sage Click and Cash (Cash Advance Request) X X X
Libra,General Ledger, Newspapers X X X
Edition of the VAT return X X X
Edition of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account X X X
VAT e-filing X X X
Multi-level analytics management X
Budget Management X
Forecast Management X
Single Forecast Cash X X X
Multiple Forecast Cash X
Loans Management X
Capital Management and Leasing X
Additional information in third-party accounts X
Managing cheque numbers X
Recovery of Quotes Bills X X X
Sky Recovery of Commercial Management X X
Sky Recovery of Commercial Management Evolution X
Sky Recovery Account X X X
Sky Recovery Account Evolution X X

Why choose Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud Ciel gives you total control over your business by combining a simple and quickly operational accounting and management solution, integrated with Microsoft Office 365, in line with legal developments and offering secure mobile access.

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